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South County has grown to become an authority within its own market and its content is regularly picked up and shared with a number of the most influential and widely read internet sites such as The Mag, GizmoZ, KNET, and The Ricky Post. South County is frequently selected as being among the very best blogs on the internet and Technorati rates it at the very best 100blogs for the kinds of Travel, Art, Home and Living, where it ranks as the second strongest site. Even Forbes has picked up on the success of the website, deciding to interview Micle Mihai and his staff about the runaway growth that the site has achieved since it started.

Nowadays, South County is your go-to destination for everyone who’s passionate about design, architecture, luxury, travel, lifestyle and imagination in the house. Those who see the site are seeking inspiration to help them on their journey to making their dream house and practical solutions to the issues that their homes may present. If this describes you, be certain to subscribe to our RSS feed or sign up to our email newsletter so that you never miss a post. And do not forget to follow us on Twitter and enjoy us on Facebook as that is where the real conversation occurs.

Quality Matters
We never wanted to be a large publishing house: Our staff is small, but it is a really wonderful team of individuals who really care about what they do.

Advertising On South County
We do not have a lot of advertising on our website apart from a few spots that help us pay the bills. We search for advertisers that supply a product or service that suits the requirements of a web designer or programmer.

The South County Team
All posts are carefully curated, edited and prepared according to the high standards set in the South County’s Publishing Policy. These guidelines are continually revised and updated to make certain that the quality of the printed content is never jeopardized. South County is constantly expanding to provide more quality content in various field, business, and categories.